Luminous Forest

Get ready to enter the mysterious and mystical realm of Luminous Forest, home to the Malayana tribe.

Enter by crossing the Bridge of Luminosa and prepare to be amazed. Our latest attraction is a mixture of a mystical world of glowing flowers, giant magical creatures and more! Now open for your enjoyment.

Opening Hours: 8.00pm – 10.00pm

Makalani at The Bridge Of Luminosa - Luminous Forest

Bridge of Luminosa

Made of authentic Malayana rafts, the Bridge of Luminosa links our world to the mystical Luminous Forest. Tribe elder Makalani was the first to cross the bridge and enter the forest.

The Malayana Family - Luminous Forest

The Malayana Family

Humalaya Malayana. The Malayana family welcomes you into the forest they call home.

Lights of Aiyanna

Deep in the forest, there are special flowers created by Mother Sophea. The Lights of Aiyanna can illuminate the minds of those who sit beneath it, washing away all evil feelings and thoughts.

Mother Sophea - Luminous Forest

Mother Sophea

Mother Sophea is a talking tree as old as the Luminous Forest itself. She is believed to have existed 400 million years ago and it was she who spread magical seeds which gave the forest its magical glow. It was Mother Sophea who allowed Makalani and the Malayana tribe to make the forest their home.

Malayana Warrior at The Luminous Forest Entarnce - Luminous Forest

The Malayana Warriors

Warriors who are trained to protect the tribe and battle the evils that threaten the sanctity of the Luminous Forest. Brave, strong and the symbol of strength for the Malayana Tribe.

Shadowfang - Luminous Forest


The protector of the Luminous Forest which will spit deadly venom at any evil doers who seek to bring harm to the forest.

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